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  • Community Centres

    We work on the democratisation of new technologies and provide free access to schools, training retired workers, pensioners, unemployed people, agricultural producers, salespeople, and mothers.

  • Sports And Music Academies

    We think that educating children through different sports is a true contribution to them. We aim at providing them with a fixed space for recreation and support, and we also give them the necessary elements to play these sports.

  • Forest Regeneration Projects

    We value the afforestation with different species of trees in areas where that activity has not been conducted yet. We like engaging children so that they can do the work for themselves and then enjoy the new green areas.

  • Organic Vegetable Gardens

    We develop organic vegetable gardens in the schools so that children can devote time to working the land for themselves and thus learn a new trade.

  • Science Laboratories

    We create spaces to foster our children’s education in a place that arouses their curiosity and enthusiasm. We aim at providing them with the elements and devices they need to learn and carry out research projects.

The Foundation in action

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