Science Laboratories

– Intendente Alvear, School No. 196, “Héctor Crenna Laboratory:”

Thanks to the support from a group of sponsors, we were able to re-equip the science laboratory. Along with the arduous work of its headmistress, Susana Molina, the enthusiasm and dedication of Roberto Lucas and the other school teachers, we could put this idea into practice and allow the students to learn and work in the laboratory, which was equipped with all the elements needed to do projects.

This programme is one of the most exciting for us, because of the curiosity it sparks in children, who are taught to research, engage on projects and improve their oral skills in presentations before their classmates or in the science fairs to which they attend.

Aiming at paying tribute to a great person who lived in this town and has left us his legacy, the laboratory has been named after Dr Héctor Crenna.

– Ceballos, School No. 47:

In this school we fitted a room as a Science Laboratory. To that end, our institution donated all the necessary equipment and materials.

In our opinion, recreation plays a very important role for children, so we provided table-tennis and table-football tables. It is extremely pleasing to meet people and headmistresses like Yisa Mendiburu, with their group of teachers who devote their life to children.


– Sarah, School Home No. 77:

We have been lucky to get in contact with this institution, which is different from the others since it is a rural boarding school, located in a small town in the north of La Pampa. Here, we could build a Science Laboratory and we also donated bibliographic material, toys for the youngest students, and table-tennis and table‑football tables for the oldest. In addition, we gave them sports materials, such as a jumping box, springboard, mats, footballs and volleyballs, and hockey sticks and balls.

The school also received guitars and legüero drums as donations. Like previous cases, an agreement was signed with the local Municipality and a teacher was sought to teach classes. This kind of activities aims at making the children’s stay far away from home more pleasant.


-Ojeda, School Home No. 50:

Similarly to the other rural boarding schools, laboratory elements, educational toys, bibliographic material, and table-football and table-tennis tables were donated. But we could also create an Computer Room in the Ojeda school, where children can learn IT, conduct practical tasks, and get in contact with technology. Ten computers were provided, which have been network‑connected and have Internet access.


– Intendente Alvear, Heguy School:

In this school located in Intendente Alvear, we have re-equipped the Science Laboratory – we fixed and painted the room assigned for this purpose, and bought new desks and several instruments for the students. In this case, we wanted to pay tribute to a teacher who has left us her legacy practising her profession. The laboratory carries her name, Nilda Ubieta de Pepa.