Sports And Music Academies

– Intendente Alvear:

Our dream is to support and look after the children of the entire province of La Pampa. We think that educating children through different sports is a true contribution to them, since they have a fixed space for recreation and support.

Tennis Academy “Los 100 Vilas” (“A 100 Vilas”):

This programme aims at offering socially at-risk or more disadvantaged children the possibility to learn tennis. They have free weekly classes, and as a reward for their perseverance and effort during the year, every child is given a racquet at the end of the course.

These classes are attended by children from Special Education School No. 12, the INAUN Programme, the Daycare Centre “Juntos y Unidos Podemos,” and the Workshop “Paz y Bien.”

Since the inception of the project, we have had the assistance of Eber Conejos, a teacher of whom we are proud because of the enthusiasm and dedication shown in his classes. In addition, we have the support of Ferro Carril Oeste and Alvear Football Club, which offer their tennis courts to give the classes.

Hockey and volleyball in Ferro Carril Oeste and Alvear Football Club:

Several sports initiatives have had our support for several years, since we want children to have the instruments to play sports and find a recreation and healthy enjoyment space.

Year after year, we have donated hockey sticks and balls, volleyballs and nets, T-shirts, necessary elements for the Chess School, among other things. We have even had the support of Luciana Aymar, captain of the women’s national field hockey team, Las Leonas, who came to La Pampa to teach a course to our children.

Guitar Academy:

As we were concerned that our children had no recreation activities during the weekend, we have created the first Guitar Academy, holding classes every Saturday morning in our institution. The children from the Inaun Programme are given priority. Once this idea was suggested to the children, three groups were immediately organised, who come to classes every Saturday with an enormous enthusiasm.

As a reward for their dedication and effort, a guitar is given to them at the end of the year. Emanuel Aiasa is the teacher in charge of this initiative. Music provided him with a way to reach children, keep them company and support them with a different activity.


– Bernardo Larroudé:

Sports School, Recreational Club and Larroudé FBC: Some time ago, we decided to expand our programmes to other towns, such as Bernardo Larroudé. In Larroudé Football Club, sports materials were provided to conduct the existing activities.

Furthermore, in the Recreational Club of the same town, the “100 Vilas” Programme was extended. Keeping the same objectives, we donated racquets and balls and sought an adequate teacher to undertake this initiative.


– Sarah:

Guitar Academy, School Home No. 77: Teacher “Yiyo” Ferrando is responsible for this programme. He truly enjoys teaching his talent and his students are very fond of him.


– Ceballos:

Guitar Academy, School No. 47: In this town, Miss Valeria Corna is responsible for teaching students of various ages to play the guitar.


– Coronel Hilario Lagos:

Guitar Academy, School No. 52: Ten guitars were donated to this school, with the support of “Yiyo” Ferrando, who is also responsible for teaching the classes here.